Featuring AMB. Zalmay Khalilzad, ADM. James Stavridis, Col. Andrew Bacevich, Barry Posen, Kori Schake, Will Ruger and Tom Wright

As with many aspects of our governance and society, the future of American foreign policy is up for debate like at no time in recent memory. The United States faces a multitude of domestic and international challenges, both old and new, and charting a course through a complex and dynamic 21st century will require rigorous discussion between supporters of greater realism and restraint and proponents of continued primacy. To that end, please join the Charles Koch Institute and a stellar line up of national security thinkers including Andrew Bacevich, Admiral James Stavridis, Kori Schake, Barry Posen, Emma Ashford, Will Ruger, and others as they discuss and debate dealing with some of the country's most pressing issues.